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Safe Travels

Jul 23, 2020

Have you heard of Unschooling?

How about Deschooling?

Roadschooling? Worldschooling?

I'm sure you've heard of homeschooling, and the bizarre words above are (mostly) all variations of homeschooling.

Parents this year are facing an uncertain fall school start. Some districts have already gone to remote learning, some are aiming to go back, and others are in between.

The only certain thing is this: No school will open exactly like they did last fall.

With all of this uncertainty, some parents (who are able to) are considering taking some time to either home school...or hit the road for some travel and "road school" their children.

It's a complicated topic, but today's guest will help guide you towards some answers. 

Karen Ricks from is a 25+ year teaching veteran, she opened and later sold a Montessori school in Japan, and she has been traveling and worldschooling her son for years.

Karen's love for teaching children is obvious, infectious, and will make you smile. It's a big topic so you won't walk away with a master plan. But for those thinking about homeschool that might be overwhelmed, I bet you will walk away inspired to try.

Please enjoy!